18 ways to prep your home’s exterior for the Spring Market

April 8, 2013

The spring market will be bustling before you know it, this article from the National Association of Realators offers 18 suggestions to get started on getting your home ready:

bigstock-Women-cleaning-a-window--183462831. Remove glass from light fixtures and clean with window cleaner and any dead bugs.

2. Clean mailbox. If it’s worn over the winter, it’s probably time to replace it.

3. Clean and polish front door’s hardware. Replace if necessary.

4. Check house numbers. Replace if worn and not visible from the street.

5. Wash front door and garage door. Consider repainting if faded.

6. Wash windows. If this isn’t your strong suit, hire a professional.

7. Check Air Conditioner unit. Clear any leaves or debris with vent brush, power blower or hose.

8. Sweep and hose down the porch, driveway and patio.

9. Check porch, driveway, and patio for any cracking or lifting.

10. Check roof to make sure no shingles are missing or were damaged during the winter.

11. Remove debris from gutters and drain spouts.

12. Rake the lawn. Check with your local garden center first to be sure it’s not too early. If raked too soon before the ground thoroughly dries, you could potentially damage your lawn.

13. Remove winter displays from urns. For a burst of color, plant spring flowers as soon as weather permits.

14. Tidy up gardens in preparation for planting season.

15. Organize the garage.

16. For a built-in barbecue unit that will be staying with the house, be sure to clean the grills and wash down the lid. Replace cover if worn.

17. Remove the cover from swimming pool and clean as soon as your pool service company advises that it’s OK to do so.

18. Bring out patio furniture and set up. You want potential buyers to see the outdoor living space’s potential.

Source: National Association of REALTORS® – Published 4/1/13 – By : Charlene Storozuk
18 Ways to Prep Your Home’s Exterior for the Spring Market


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