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Selling a home in the summer can be stressful. We have compiled some helpful hints to do around your home that give that extra “zha zha zu “ when potential buyers come to look around.

Keep an eye on the temperature in your home. It’s very refreshing to walk into a cool home on a hot summer day. It isn’t inviting to walk into a warm house on a hot day.

Make an extra effort to keep wastebaskets empty and if you have pets use a lint roller daily to keep animal hair off of the furniture.

Open curtains (or even remove them). Let that bright light in, and wash the windows. If you can’t see through them, neither can anyone else.

Clean. In the kitchen, keep dishes out of the sink and put away. Clean the clutter off of the counters. Vacuum everyday if possible or mop tile or wood floors.

Keep sinks and mirrors wiped down in the restroom. Pour 1teaspoon pine-sol cleaner into toilets before showing your home to give the bathroom a “freshly cleaned” smell.

Take your winter clothes and de-clutter your closets. Organized closets are more appealing. It gives the viewer an idea of how it would look to live in your home stress/clutter free.

Arrange furniture to make your home an easy place to navigate. Every room should have a clear purpose.

Keeping the paint color in your home neutral is helpful. Paint a basic neutral over that brightly colored accent wall or room.

Have cold, bottled water and cookies out for potential buyers. In these hot summer months, if you have the time make a pitcher of lemonade to set out. This makes the guests see the house as a home.

Instead of burning a candle or spraying air freshener (which can overwhelm a sensitive nose). Try using freshly cut roses and open windows to let fresh air in.

Keep a clean, mowed lawn. Also, pay attention to watering your grass. Brown spots are an eye sore. Take the time to make it look nicer. Green is Great!!

Spread mulch in your flowerbed and plant colorful flowers. If you don’t have a flowerbed plant some in a pot and keep it on the front porch. Honeysuckle vines are beautiful near a doorway and they smell wonderful.

Good luck with your summertime sale!!!


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