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March 1, 2013

Is now the time to list your home? The answer is YES! 
Most homeowners typically wait till spring to list their home but here’s some good reasons in the current market to LIST NOW:

1 Supply is LOW

Monthly inventories have now fallen for 29 consecutive months, and due to the diminished supply, PRICES ARE rising. We are seeing the lowest point of supply in over 8 years. Listing now when demand is HIGH and supply is LOW could help you get a better price for your home.

2 Demand is HIGH 

Homes are selling at a pace we haven’t seen in over 6 years. More buyers means more opportunities for your home to sell quickly.

3 Interest rates expected to go up

There are projections that interest rates will raise this year. That means a higher housing expense for buyers if they wait to mortgage their home.

4 New Construction Competition

Over the past few years, sellers have not been competing with new builders around the corner. As the market is recovering, more builders are back in the market. Upcoming new homes in the market will mean more competition in the market.

5 Now’s the time to Sell your home with RE/MAX All-Pro

This time of year there are typically fewer transactions which can expedite the sale process. Quicker timetables makes for an easier process through each component of the home sales process.

“We saw a strong start to 2012 last January, and this year is starting with an even higher number of sales and increased prices,” said Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX, LLC. “Such an impressive start to the new year is hopefully pointing to an even stronger performance for the entire year. Expect the 2013 housing market to continue the solid recovery that began one year ago.”

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