How To Prepare For A Move

April 1, 2024
Happy Family Moving

7 tips for easing the stress once the house is yours.

You’ve finished signing papers and it’s official – the house is yours! Time to prepare for the big move. At this stage, initial feelings of excitement may soon give way to anticipation, chaos and long to-do lists. To prepare yourself and relieve the stress of moving, follow these seven tips.


Create a Moving Binder

With the countless expenses, receipts and packing lists that accompany the moving process, it is critical to keep your records organized. Use a binder to store and organize all documents related to the move.

Declutter and Purge

Close your eyes and envision your new space – how do you want it to look and feel? When you start packing up your belongings, be cognizant of what’s valuable to you versus what’s just clutter. If you’re unsure of how to pare down, ask yourself – honestly – if it will enhance your new space. A new home is an opportunity to start fresh and create an environment you love.

Labeling Boxes

Labeling your boxes with their corresponding rooms will make unpacking much less complicated. Mark your fragile items clearly to avoid them being damaged during the move. 

Decide Your Method of Moving

Do you want to hire a moving company or are you more DIY? Weigh the pros and cons: How much are you willing to spend, and how much time and energy do you have to complete the move yourself? If you’re uncomfortable with heavy lifting, consider a professional mover to do the job for you.

Change Your Address

Be sure to forward your mail a few weeks prior to moving (to begin on your move-in date) and update your address on important documents and accounts, including your driver’s license, subscriptions, newspaper, credit cards, bank accounts and other online accounts.

Transfer Utilities

Consider what services you need up and running on the day you move into your new home and contact those providers weeks in advance. Make gas and electricity a priority, followed by services like cable and internet.

Research Things to Do in Your New Area

Get familiar with your new neighborhood by researching the best restaurants, cafes and activities in town. It will get you excited about the move and also make the area feel more navigable once there.


Reduce your stress during the home-buying process by working with a local RE/MAX agent!

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