Watch the latest RE/MAX All-Pro “Fit to Sell” episode to understand the three-step process homebuyers use when searching for a home, and why it’s never a bad idea to de-clutter, repair, clean and showcase your home.

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“Fit to Sell” Action Plan Booklet
“Fit to Sell” Home Seller Checklist


The Right Listing Agent

Plain and simple, owning a home can improve your quality of life, provide stability and give you a sense of control you just can’t get from renting. You have a place to live when you rent, but buying is something much deeper – and better.

A skilled, qualified real estate agent brings tremendous value to the process. You’re relying on this agent on many different levels, so be careful to select someone with the right combination of education, experience, performance and local insight. Look for a proven expert who can cast a wide marketing net and attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Be sure to let your agent know the particulars of your situation. Perhaps you need to sell within a certain time frame, are relocating out of state, or are facing foreclosure. Keeping your agent informed helps set the path for the best way to proceed, ensures that your needs are met, and ultimately contributes to a successful transaction.

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