5 helpful tips to Newlywed Homebuyers

June 25, 2013


1. Be Prepared.

Buying a home isn’t some short-term deal. Most homes take at least 15-30 years of monthly payments before it’s undoubtedly yours. Before making the decision to buy, sit down and decide weather or not you both are ready to make another big commitment.

Take time to discuss financial concerns and goals. It is also important to discuss what you’re looking for in a house. Write down the characteristics of your ideal home. Set dreaming aside, this helps to set your expectations when you start house hunting. This way, you can narrow down your choices.

If you have trouble agreeing on the type of home you would like. Go to open houses that fit either of your taste and see what happens. It might just take seeing that home in person to sway your partner’s opinion or yours.

2. Stay in your price range.

Preparing financially is the most important aspect in buying a house. Unless you have the necessary funds to buy a home on hand, you should consider getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for a loan.

By doing so, you will be able to determine what’s in your price range. To get pre-approved for a loan, the lender evaluates and determines how much you are eligible for, giving you the realistic figure upon which you can base your price range.

Here is a useful link to give you an idea – Mortgage Calculator / Resources > 

3. Chose a reputable neighborhood.

When shopping for a home as newlyweds, you should keep in mind that this will be the place where your children or pets will be and their safety is paramount.

If you already like a particular home, do the work to obtain all the information you can about the neighborhood and be sure to ask the right questions. Ifyou are uncertain about an area, look elsewhere. Don’t risk your safety for a good deal. Below are a few suggestions when browsing a new neighborhood.

Look at the neighbor’s yards is there pride of ownership?

Drive through the neighborhood after dark to see how safe it feels.

Research crime rates in the area by going online or contact the local police department.

4. Have a professional inspection done.

As newlyweds looking to buy a home, it is important not to get swept up as soon as you land on a home that you love.

If you want to make an offer before someone else snaps it up, make sure that a satisfactory home inspection is one of your conditions. Then you need to set about finding a qualified home inspector.

You may love the home, but it may not be the right choice if it needs major renovations.

5. Don’t rush.

Buying a home can bring mixed emotions in a newlywed couple: there’s excitement, an overwhelming feeling of responsibility and commitment, stress over finances, the bliss of having a home, wanting to start decorating it and so on.

When these emotions take over, we become vulnerable to the pressures applied by different parties. Things can get very overwhelming. Take a deep breath and try and go with your gut.

As newlyweds you are starting a new adventure. Buying a home should be an exciting and fun process for you both, and hopefully these tips will help you along they way.

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