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We’re Not Just Realtors…We’re Talented Too

While flipping through the Antelope Valley Lifestyle magazine, I came across one of our own. Diana Blum was our very own Re/Max All Pro star as she is interviewed about her painting. This past year at the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival, Diana Blum received the Ruth Prue Award for her beautiful painting called “Jenna on a Swing”. Although Diana has received this wonderful award, she explains “I’ve won blue ribbons at the fair, but the Ruth Prue Award…this is a coveted  award. And when I won it, I was like ‘whoa!’ It was hard to believe.”It is definitely hard to believe that Diana has not always painted. She says “I thought you needed to be able to draw to paint, but you don’t you can learn how to paint.” She goes on to say that she picked up painting as a hobby to release her creative side in 2000 after closing down her side business. “I talked myself into a six week watercolor class by saying, “I did this in kindergarten. How much trouble could I get into?” Little did I know, Blum continues, “Quickly realizing watercolor wasn’t for me. I needed to locate an oil painting teacher, so I went to a Cedar Centre art show…and took down the names of any artist that was showing great work.”

Within her search she met Jo Gayle Gerner, and she quickly began taking classes from her. Blum says, “If I had not found Jo Gayle, I don’t know what would have happened to my art pursuits. Finding her was like hitting the Mother Lode-local class, well known and respected artist and teacher, a friendly and interactive class.” “I was starting from square one. I didn’t even own any oil paints or supplies, or know what to buy when I started her class. Once I began, I was hooked.” From Jo Gayle’s class and some determination Diana transformed her family room into a studio and starting painting after work. It was only after she started entering paintings in the fair that many of her friends and clients learned she was an artist. Now, she has developed a love for her art. Blum said, “You are not hungry,are unaware of what is going on around you, you don’t get tired, you can stay in this state for quite a while and have no idea how much time has gone by. You are so focused on the present, time as we know it ceases to matter.” Thank you Diana, for inspiring us all. To read the entire article on Diana Blum and her work, please look at the November issue of the Antelope Valley Lifestyle Magazine or visit http://www.avpress.com/avlifestyle/.

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